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 GBT Technologies, LLC (GBT) creates Trust and Confidence for the Consumer.

We are The Trusted Source for unbiased and fact-based information and ratings of consumable products - anchored in the golf ball and golf equipment testing area, providing unrivaled product performance ratings - and powerful easy-to-use search and decision support tools - that Inform, Enable, and Empower the consumer .

We also deliver leading testing, certification and technology solutions to retailers and to manufacturers to help drive sales, sell on value and performance - and to better target their customers.

Who We Are

Gary Mayes


Co-founder and Chief Technologist Gary Mayes has over 33 years experience in the advanced research, development, acquisition and transition of defense technology. He also currently serves as the President at Equip2Golf, Inc., a company he founded in 1998 to track technology developments and new products within the golf industry. His research in golf balls led to the granting of U.S. Patent 7,918,751, Method of Rating Golf Balls. The patent provides a testing and rating method to obtain performance data on golf balls in a manner that will assist golfers in selecting a golf ball that meets their specific swing profile, equipment, feel and price criteria.

Gary Esayian


Co-founder and Business Director Gary Esayian has over 30 years experience trading equities, options, and futures on Wall Street both on both the buy and sell sides as well as direct involvement in various venture capital portfolio companies in businesses outside financial services, primarily technology applications to golf. Gary is the Managing Partner of Max Out Golf, LLC, (Los Angeles, CA) as well as the co-founder of Metro Custom Golf (New York, NY). Max Out Golf was the leader in developing golf club equipment fitting and technology, holds various patents on spin measurement and the overall fitting process.

Jim Campbell


Co-founder and Managing Partner Jim Campbell has over 30 years experience in private equity and venture capital investing, financial and strategic advisory services, business consulting and investment banking services. Jim's experience ranges across various aspects of international, emerging markets and cross-border business with a unique China Focus as a consultant and investor. Jim is the Managing Partner for Campbell Capital Partners, LLC - a private equity and venturing firm he founded specializing in strategy and investment banking services, trading strategy and analytics, and private equity investments in the media, sports and financial services sectors.



GBT helps golfers find the right ball for their game. Our solutions are based on patented golf ball performance ratings combined with search and decision support tools - that Inform, Enable, and Empower golfers and consumers. For manufacturers and retailers, we offer testing, certification, and consulting services that leverage our extensive leading industry experience and data.

We help Consumers, Retailers and Manufacturers address critical performance questions and problems:

The following solutions are examples of what we can offer:

Golf Ball Ratings

Consumer oriented featuring golf ball rankings for driver distance, wedge spin, compression, and cover hardness. Published annually.

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Manufacturer certification services include comprehensive testing and designation of golf ball performance characteristics of distance, spin and feel as well as utilization of the GBT Certified mark in advertising and product packaging.

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Golf Ball Selector

Retailer white label golf ball selector application services are available in desktop, mobile and kiosk configurations powered by, the industry's only independent online ball fitting system.

Testing Services

Our testing services include Player, Robot, and Bench testing. Utilizing swing robots and real golfers, each ball is tested using a driver, six iron and sand wedge. Compression, cover hardness, and "hotness" are measured for each golf ball to access feel.




GolfBallSelector is the only independent golf ball fitting system - where golfers set their own game objectives and preferences for distance, control and feel attributes to derive individualized rankings of recommended balls


Golf Ball Ratings

Golf Ball Ratings is the independent golf ball performance rating system powered by - featuring golf ball ratings for driver distance, wedge spin, compression, and cover hardness.

Testing conducts independent testing and data analysis of leading golf balls utilizing bench testing as well as swing robots and real golfers. provides multimedia publishing and distribution of scientific findings and reporting on golf ball technology advances and worthwhile updates on activity in the golf industry.

Digital Media

Golf Ball Reviews

Independent and data-driven performance reviews of leading and new golf balls - providing in-depth analysis of golf ball performance characteristics and observations from laboratory testing and on-course usage.



Please feel free to contact us via the information below and let us know how we can assist you in reaching your goals. Our patented technology and comprehensive solutions offers consumers, retailers, and manufacturers a wide range of possibilities that can be integrated into their research, development, testing and marketing strategies.

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