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GBT Certified™

GBT Technologies, LLC is dedicated to helping you find your right ball. This is why we have built our Golfer-First approach to testing golf balls, educating golfers-consumers, and cutting through the marketing hype, where ever we can.

The GBT CERTIFIED™ mark indicates that the golf ball has been subjected our patented test protocol administered by, and built on patented technology, and a track record of independently testing and evaluating golf balls since the mid 1990’s.

This certification is available only from GBT Technologies, LLC under license, or as used in our Patented Golf Ball Ratings – providing both golf ball manufacturers and retail partners with an independent assessment, and confirmation of performance attributes – that helps instill greater confidence in the eyes of golf ball consumers – separating baseless claims or unclear working with a data-driven independent certification of performance.

Our intellectual property portfolio is rich including multiple patents in the golf ball and golf equipment fitting space:

The MPI™ is the Mayes Performance Index™ - our patented golf ball rating method that establishes a standard performance index for distance, spin, feel, durability, and price allowing relative comparisons of golf balls and fitting to specific golfer profiles.

U.S Patent 7,918,751, (2011, Allowed) Method of Rating Golf Balls. This index is utilized in our Golf Ball Ratings at and the golf ball fitting service at

U.S. Patent 9,914,038 (2018, Allowed), Systems and Methods for Golf Ball Selection, provides a system for selecting a golf ball. This method is used in the golf ball fitting service at

U.S. Patent 7,166,035 B2 (2007, Allowed), Systems and Methods for Fitting Golf Equipment, provides use of a launch monitor to capture ball flight information in an interactive golf club fitting.

U.S. Patent 7,159,451 B2 (2007, Allowed), Systems and Methods for Fitting Golf Equipment provides use of color to capture rotational, back and side spin on a golf ball.

Our standard test protocol is data-driven incorporates the following elements:

Model and Year Identification

Golf balls are inspected, and the model and year are recorded, matched against the USGA Conforming Golf Ball List; and added to our golf ball rankings and database and golf ball catalogs. There are significant differences in construction and performance from year to year, with minimal disclosure by many vendors as to what exactly is being shipped. This step helps clarify the exact ball that has been tested and rated.

Overall Compression
Golf balls are subjected to Compression tests performed measuring overall golf ball compression using the Majestix and Atti compression test devices and benchmarked to our database of over 200 golf balls.

Cover Hardness
Golf balls are subjected to our cover hardness tests performed measuring golf ball surface hardness using a Teclock Type C durometer test device in accordance with ASTM D 2240 C and benchmarked to our database of over 200 golf balls.

Ballistics Testing for Performance
Golf balls are test using a rigorous testing protocol using players and robots capturing driver, 6-iron, and wedge launch angle, carry distance and spin rate over multiple swing speeds using patented launch monitor technology.

Parties interested in our testing services can contact us using one of the methods below.


Please feel free to contact us via the information below and let us know how we can assist you in reaching your goals. Manufacturer certification services include comprehensive testing and designation of golf ball performance characteristics of distance, spin and feel as well as utilization of the GBT Certified mark in advertising and product packaging.

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